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The idea of forming the Association developed after a trip to Lenk, Switzerland in 2006. The tour group of 14 people included farmers, landowners and tourist leaders from Dartmoor.

While in Lenk, they learned first hand how farmers and the tourist industry support each other through a very close working partnership which assisted both sidew while adding value to their roles.

The newly-formed dairy cooperative set up in the Simmental Valley was at that time still in its fledgling stage, and the farmers had agreed to take a reduction in financial return until the cooperative was stable and progressing.

The Dartmoor Farmers Association (DFA) has built on these ideals, seeking to invest in the future of farming on the Moor.

  • DFA has set up a company through which all Association members can put cattle and lambs forward for the meat market - visit the Dartmoor Farmers Ltd website.
  • DFA is investigating the idea of a buying group
  • DFA is developing a machinery ring
  • We are considering developing breeding programmes and genetic research
  • Other ideas from members are also welcome - use the Members Area to send your thoughts through.
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